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Небесная гонка - Задание - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Makaronien

This is one of the quests that you will be doing when you raise your very own Cloud Serpent mount. To aquire this mount you will have to continuously do daily quests in the new zone called Jade Forest.

Комментарий от ehnaton

1) Just to clarify - this daily is NOT guaranteed every day.

2) You do not need to complete other dailies before it - it's either there or not.

I think there are 3-4 sets of dailies total. This one comes together with "The Trainer's Challenge: <name>".

Another set sends you to the spider cave. And a couple other sets take place on the island.

Комментарий от lightclaw

You must pass each of the 10 checkpoint balloons in order to finish the race. They can be done in any order to finish, but a shorter path is going to save substantial amounts of time. The course is marked by hanging ropes throughout, and following the course will keep you competitive, but it can be tough to win without deviating from it. Yes, I know that this is inviting a bunch of "Neener-neener, you fail because you didn't win it by following the course" replies, but honestly, it takes some lucky cloud rings right at the beginning to get your speed up without having to travel everywhere.

Passing through a cloud ring gives you a stack of a buff that increases your speed by 10%. It stacks 10 times. Getting the speed buff up to 10 quickly and keeping it at 10 for the duration of the race is pretty much necessary to win. It's possible that you'll wind up getting really bad cloud spawn locations at the beginning of the race. If this happens, or if your stack falls off for some reason, just quit the race, abandon the quest, and try again. There is no limit on attempts. If you have to deviate substantially from a straight line to the next balloon, it's not worth it to collect a cloud ring. Once you have 10 stacks, going through additional cloud rings is not helpful except to reset your stack duration (though it does make an exciting sound) so it's best to try to aim for more distant rings that are closer to your intended path simply to keep your stack going.

In order to win the race easily, the only path deviation that is required occurs after the 7th balloon. Balloons 7, 8, and 9 are in or near bridge arches, close to the finish line. The quickest path through this part of the race is to collect balloon 7, turn around and follow the bridge to balloon 9, and then collect balloon 8 on the way to balloon 10 and the finish line.

Doing this should allow you to finish substantially ahead of the black dragon.

Note that even though neither the prize bag nor the commendation inside are soulbound, transferring them to another player causes the commendation to disappear. You can, however, keep the prize in your bag until you want to use it (if you were valor capped, for instance.)

Комментарий от overneathe

If you don't win the race can you abandon quest and start over?

Комментарий от siirena

Tom Tom ordinances macro per given locations, i havent tried it thus yet but it may make the race a bit easier, just gotta find the 10th one, ive been having issues with this daily.

/way Jade Forest 60.6, 39.2/way Jade Forest 59.6, 31.4/way Jade Forest 61.4, 25.2/way Jade Forest 66.4, 36.0 /way Jade Forest 66.0, 42.4 /way Jade Forest 66.6, 51.6 /way Jade Forest 64.0, 51.0/way Jade Forest 60.4, 52.8/way Jade Forest 58.6, 46.8

Комментарий от Jollygood

Even if you don't win the race, you get credit for the quest and get the gold and the "door prize".

Комментарий от Tharama

В облаке дыма and Как приручить дракона are completed on this daily. If you fail it, it is possible to abandon the quest and start over.

Комментарий от QuickBASIC37

The last one you're probably missing is the one right behind the finish line.

Комментарий от Vlad

You can use this TomTom macro to show nodes on your maps, but beware that the crazy arrow usually doesn't select the proper "next" checkpoint, so I recommend you turn off automatic tracking or simply ignore it, instead use map or minimap for overview of the race checkpoints./run local z,t="Jade Forest",{58.7,46.9,60.4,52.9,61.8,54.6,64,51.1,66.7,51.5,66.1,42.5,66.2,35.9,61.2,25.2,59.7,31.5,60.6,39.4}TomTom.waydb:ResetProfile()TomTom:ReloadWaypoints()for i=1,#t,2 do SlashCmdList(z.." "..t.." "..t)end

It's much easier to the shortcut with a picture. As you can see you mostly save time on the last part, just be sure you get the checkpoint marked before turning and such, it's easy to miss these flags if you rush too much!

You might as well finish with 10 stacks of Поддувающие ветра (for В облаке дыма) as it's on the way, not hard, just don't deviate too much, there are plenty of cloud rings to fly through! Good luck and practice a round or two if you fail, you are bound to get first place for Как приручить дракона within a couple of tries!

Комментарий от magitek1

Quest kinda stupid and buggy, picking the rings is easy, if you get decent spawns, and you need to keep a stack of 10 to win but you need to basically run over the checkpoints of they wont count, keep finishing with 8/10 until I started humping the checkpoints for them to count

Комментарий от Lightbrand

One thing to keep in mind, the earlier you get 10 stacks the more time you'll be able to shave off. Meaning it's worth it more to go out of your way near the beginning to get all the clouds you can then once you hit 10 you only run in straight line while only deviate a bit at around 3 sec to refresh the stack.

If you don't get 10 stacks early your chance of beating Cinder will drastically decrease as he'll just continue to pull ahead.

Комментарий от Pyronomikon

don't over think this one. Go for 10 stacks as fast as you can but I wouldn't go way out of your way to get them. Keep 10 stacks and follow the course exactly (I assume I followed it exactly but at the end you have several near each other so as long as you hit them all) and you should get first place no problem. I read other comments about following the black dragon but when i get to the first check point all the dragons despawned in front of me, not sure if that changed anything. regardless, follow the markers and with a vague idea of where all 10 checkpoints are, you will win.

Комментарий от rayquaza11

Here's LUA code to add a route path for the sky race for the addon Routes. Open the routes preferences file located at "/WTF/Account//SavedVariables/Routes.lua", and find the following code near the top: = { = {

Make a new line and past the following in:

= {= {= {60633937, -- 59663154, -- 61302508, -- 66263602, -- 66164231, -- 66745157, -- 63985096, -- 61825452, -- 60395292, -- 58694679, -- 58384635, -- 58634342, -- },= {= "SR 9",= "SR 1",= "SR 3",= "SR 8",= "SR 5",= "SR 2",= "SR 6",= "SR 10",= "SR 4",= "SR finish",= "SR Start",= "SR 7",},= 3288.26206289384,= {= true,},},},

Комментарий от Gloann

Found a real nice video and got the two achievements in a row ; В облаке дыма and Как приручить дракона

Just look for Mists of Pandaria Sky Race: How To Win It and you will more than likely find it

Комментарий от elionor

ok wtf there is no klnd of warning or notice when somebody finishes or what place you came in so how the hell are you suppose to do this?

Комментарий от SjamJars

If there is any time to play with with music on, its definitely during this quest.

Комментарий от Rach4l

This is copy and pasted from my Routes.lua after setting the course manually. I am posting this because the one above did not work. Navigate to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ accountname \SavedVariables

And of course, replace Rachel with your character name, and Maelstrom with your server name:

RoutesDB = {= {= "Rachel - Maelstrom",},= {= {= {= {= {1, -- 0.7490196078431373, -- 0.7490196078431373, -- 1, -- },= 12264.85321077614,= {66473619, -- 66454227, -- 66745139, -- 64535127, -- 62265442, -- 61125261, -- 58214733, -- 61263968, -- 60573237, -- 60862585, -- },},},},= {= true,= true,},},}

Комментарий от Gambolputty

If you don't finish first, you can just abandon the quest and retake it. You will then be able to start over and try again.

Комментарий от Avalonia

I was having all kinds of problems with finding the check points. The macros for TomTom work, but your tendency is to follow the arrow, so drag the arrow off of your screen so you cannot see it. The next step really helped me. I use Sexy Map addon, so I made the map as big as I possibly could and put it in a part of my screen where it was readily seen but did not block my vision of the environment. Then I just followed the arrows on the map. Make sure that you turn off all quest tracking and Archy TomTom support first.

Комментарий от hbkgpv

Am i the only person with exalted with these guys and NOT getting this daily? two weeks now and it hasnt been on at all. Or do i need to do all the other dailies first to open it like the golden lotus ones?

Комментарий от Mabaroshi

Some pretty epic music plays during the race, compelled me to open up the sound.mpq and find the soundtrack to play in game, this will set your BGM to the sky race music i believe

/script PlayMusic("Sound\\Music\\Pandaria\\MUS_50_SerpentRiders_Hero_01.mp3")

Комментарий от Linkcisco

You need to be revered with Орден Облачного Змея to be able to take this quest (when it's available).

Комментарий от urakantu

for tom tom

/way 60,58 39,38/way 59,58 31,58/way 61,24 25,20/way 66,23 35,91/way 66,12 42,52/way 66,70 51,45/way 64,04 51,10/way 61,78 54,55/way 60,38 52,91/way 58,70 46,85

arrows may be tricky, disable arrows and follow green dots on your map

ps: 7th, 8th and 9th ones (underlined) are under the bridge, dont look up for them in to the sky :)

Комментарий от Dust

Note that winning first place in the race, gives you a buff titled "1st place" that lasts one hour and is the image of a red ribbon. Mousing over it shows you the message "Finished 1st place in the Sky Race! The smell of victory is sweet."

As for how to actually win: after gritting my teeth and cursing in frustration, I found that, interestingly enough, what helped me finally succeed at this and get first place, goes against all common sense.

As soon as the race started, I made a sharp right turn (off course) and then zig-zagged a bit to get a few smoke rings that were well out of the way. It goes against all instinct to start out this way, but getting those stacks up early on is indeed what matters most.

Try it.

Комментарий от mimee21

I am exalted.. How do I tell when this quest is available ?

Комментарий от yoojine

As no one's mentioned it yet: 1st-2nd place: 15 VP3rd-4th place: 10 VP5th-6th place: 5 VPWorse: 0 VPThis is on top of the 5 VP you get for just completing the quest.

Комментарий от darius7777

Ok guys seriously i'm exalted over 3 weeks now with the cloud serpent i check everyday for the daily but i jave never saw it so far! Anybody got an idea? should i do any prequests and it will appear afterwards?

Комментарий от Meilao

The youtube video was just fantastic.

Комментарий от daftjack

you dont have to abondon the quest to start over just diss mount and talk to Instructor Windblade agin it will reset the count and alowe you to start over +it suffles the speed rings

Комментарий от Juanamari

I have a question for those of you exalted and not able to see the race yet... Have you done all the dailies? Maybe that might be a factor. I was able to do this quest on my Pally, she was able to complete every daily. Including ALL of the profession ones. My Druid however, is not able to complete the archeology daily, and I still have not seen the race yet. Working on my archeology and will update, in case that works.

Комментарий от Sluggzo

The three simplest tips to winning this consistently:

1) Get smoke rings early to get your speed up. 2) Never let the speed buff wear off. 3) Swap checkpoints 8 and 9. Going 7-9-8 will point you right at the finish line and should shave more than enough time for you to finish first.

If you mess up, simply fly back to the start, abandon the quest and restart.

Комментарий от Tekie

I don't think this will help anyone but I'll throw it out there anyway.

I had tried the race about 6 times to try and learn the course. I'm old, slow and mostly dumb so it takes me awhile. On my 7th try (same day just starting over repeatedly) I had only found 9 checkpoints and was stumbling around looking for #10. Finally found it and decided to cross the finish line to see if they would award me a dunce cap or something....maybe hear the crowd BOO!

Lo and Behold, it said I had finished FIRST and I was awarded the achievement "How to Strain Your Dragon".

The only thing I can figure is that another race had started and I was standing by the finish line.

...maybe just a glitch, dunno, but I'm tickled about it and hope I didn't cost a good player his reward.

Комментарий от wowtrainer

Pass through the clouds to get speed and fly at checkpoints. This quest is almost the same with the non-daily quest training available at reveredvideo The Sky Race

Комментарий от jdmaddison

It was hard to tweak the other poster's macro to load waypoints into TomTom, so I came up with my own set of waypoints that track in the expected order. I won 1st Place without too much trouble.

You either need to paste these lines into WoW one at a time, or you can use the addon "Paste" to load them all at once. Note: you must be at the race's starting location when you load the waypoints or TomTom may pick the wrong waypoint to start with.

If you have a hard time passing a waypoint, you can increase the "Arrival Distance" in TomTom. Without further ado, here are the commands to TomTom.

/way 58.45 46.43 Finish/way 60.39 52.52 #9/way 61.80 54.46 #8/way 64.14 51.11 #7/way 66.66 51.49 #6/way 66.07 42.79 #5/way 66.23 36.03 #4/way 61.36 25.39 #3/way 59.88 31.27 #2/way 60.48 38.16 (passby)/way 60.60 39.30 #1

(passby) isn't a balloon-- it's there to persuade TomTom to not immediately jump to checkpoint 9 after checkpoint 1.

Комментарий от Crusader411

To earn the "In a Trail of Smoke" achievement you are not required to pass through all 10 checkpoints. You are only required to obtain 10 stacks of the Fleet Winds buff and pass under the finish line. I earned this achievement after passing through 9 checkpoints.

Комментарий от lindseydoyle

During the week of September 3-8, the 9th checkpoint seems to have disappeared. I have run the race about 11 times in the past, but now there is no checkpoint 9 and i cannot complete the quest.

Комментарий от Warchief1223

this quest appears to be bugged as shortly after the race starts, the other racers dissapear

Комментарий от Volleynova

Take a lot of smoke rings at the start, then just head to each and every balloon you see while grabbing a smoke ring in between each balloon. 10 stacks for the win and 1st place Sky Race, but not if you're racing against me. :)

Комментарий от purrdy

Just done this quest after the valor point system has been removed but the bag still gave me valors that I can no longer spend :(

Комментарий от GamingTV

Complete Playthrough in 1080p HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVUFcMHPgsI

Комментарий от StormHUN

Sometimes it bugs/lags out and the cloud rings simply don't spawn until already like half minute into the race, or sometimes the cloud serpent gets stuck or just doesn't want to start when the others do. it's really frustrating...

Комментарий от McC1oud

Is there someway to complete this at the moment?

The current bug seems to be that the balloon under the Wind spire furthest east will not activate, no matter how you approach it.

Комментарий от Sharyeth

As one of the checkpoints is heavily bugged (atleast for me) I had to do the rather "coward" way. Not because I wouldn't be able to do it otherwise, but because it's frustrating that it simply doesn't work.

How I got the Achievement:

1.) start the race.2.) find a way to cross-realm (Add-On, friends, w/e).3.) change the realm and get back to your realm. The NPCs despawned and you can do the race without a time limit. You may ask why would you do that - well,just keep reading.4.) get to the checkpoint that doesn't work.5.) cross-realm again. (you shouldn't join a raid ofcourse)6.) the checkpoint now should work (atleast it worked for me)7.) finish the race

It's kinda sad I had to do it this way.

Good luck.

Комментарий от Grusella

Most posters keep talking about the bug, yes there is a bug and if you use serverhop you can use it at the bugged checkpoint (8 for me others said 7, it was the checkpoint under the first bridge) serverhop to a daily quest group and not a raid and you'll get the checkpoint.

But most important the quest giver is Instructor Windblade, she will have the daily randomly. You do not have to do any other quests before doing hers, I am exalted so I'm not sure where in rep you need to be to get the quest. But she can show up for some but not for everyone, so Billy Bob will get the quest but you will not one day and vice versa the next day.

I also grabbed 10 clouds to keep my speed up and grabbed another every few seconds to keep my stacks of 10.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

*Edit* I submitted a SS of the bugged checkpoint.

Комментарий от Zeldeza

Well, this is pretty much impossible for me to finish. The first checkpoint under the bridges doesn't accept me passing it. So, I'm stuck at 9/10.

Комментарий от INvShika

I've tried this race 8 times in a row. I follow the optimal path and get 10 stacks as soon as possible. The best I've done is 2nd place. The black dragon just straight up disappears before the first checkpoint and I never see it again. Is there something wrong or do I just need to git gud?

Комментарий от Rekthan

As of Nov 12, 2016 it seems impossible to get first in the race. The bugged balloon typically allows me to get credit for flying by it, but the rider of the black dragon is standing on air next to it not riding his dragon. Somehow this results in him finishing the race without me seeing his dragon ever cross the finish line. I hopped off my cloud serpent and went around the course on my normal mount and sure enough, he never crosses the finish line.

Комментарий от Richmond79

This is completely bugged in 7.2.5. I used my own mount via auto-run glitch - was ahead of black dragon the whole time (others so far back couldn't even see them). I clearly came in miles ahead of the black dragon, who i watch trailing in about 20 seconds after me. It said I finished 6th! I tried again and it said I was 4th! So basically there are some insanely fast invisible dragons ahead of you the whole time... Don't bother with this achievement till they fix it.

Комментарий от magnetgrrl

Does this quest even exist or do I just have terrible luck? I check maybe ~3 times a week, sometimes more, and I've literally NEVER seen it. Was it always a lower percentage of appearing as a daily or something? Has it been removed?

Комментарий от cytoxin

I was just trying this today and did the route with the short cut perfectly and came in second, so I tried it to more times and got different results, even though I wasn't making any mistakes. So I just started the race and went to the finish line to see who and how fast they were getting there, and the black dragon Cinder, went across the finish line, and then about 2 - 5 seconds later, another one of him spawned and went across it again. I also timed him and he does the race in as little as 1:14


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